Adjustable Perfect Fit Button

$11.89 $21
Adjustable Perfect Fit Button designed to replace your existing button, both instances to either increase.......

or decrease the size of your pants as needed.

Now you don't have to worry about getting fat or getting fit, all you just need is Adjustable Perfect Fit Button.

  • Easy to increase or reduce inches to the waistband of pants

  • No sewing is necessary and it works perfectly for any fabric
  • Use on jeans, slack, and skirts etc. 
  • Removable and reusable 

  • Simply to pop it on to the waistband in the desired location and attach the secure lock fastener.

  • 8pcs per set (2 "Jean" style, 2 brown buttons, 2 black buttons, and 2 khaki buttons)
  • 1x 8pcs Adjustable Perfect Fit Button

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