Ice Grip Snowshoe Cover

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Walk with confidencein the winter and thwart off slips, falls and trips with the Ice Grip Snowshoe Cover.This Ice grip shoe gives you insurmountable traction, stability, and floatation whichprevents your feet from sinking down into deepand skidding.This shoe cover excels in versatility. It is not limited to snow, also works well with rain, muds, slippery sand, and many hazardous environments.


  • Ground-gripping Steel Studs
    High-quality rustproof anti-slip spikes under the ball and heel of your footprovide excellent grip on slick surfaces which makes it easier to walk on slippery ice or snow ground.
  • Secure fit with ergonomics design
    Ergonomic design with Stay on toe cap ensures a snug fit of most types of footwear and helps to prevent the ice cleats from falling off or moving around while in use.
  • Strong and lightweight
    So lightweight you won't even notice you're wearing them.These grippers are 1/8¡± inch thick and weigh less than your wristwatch, yet they havepowerfulgrips to support a 300 lbs. man from slipping on an ice rink.
  • High Durability
    Designed to endure heavy use throughout the cold winter months with durable reinforced joints and surfaces made with aspecial rubber compound that stays strong and retains elasticity in frigid cold temperatures up to -40 degrees celsius.
  • Applicable to Multiple Environment Conditions



  • Item: Ice Grips
  • Material: TPR
  • Type: 10 Steel Studs
  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • S: 18*11cm, M: 20*12.5cm, L: 21*13.5cm, XL: 23.5*14cm


  • 1 x Ice Grip Snowshoe Cover

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