Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator - Quick & Easy - Presta and Schrader Valve Compatible

$16.99 $110
  •        GET BACK RIDING QUICKLY WITH SUPER FAST & RELIABLE TIRE INFLATION - Inflate a tire in seconds with our 1-Turn Valve System. Control lever operation regulates speed of CO2 release for precisely controlled inflation. Twin valve head threads onto either Presta & Schrader valves with no valve head switching needed.
  •        SMALL, COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT - Read the amazing reviews, customers love this stylish CO2 inflator for its compact small size which is perfect for stowing away in your saddle bag or cycling jersey pocket. Check out our ‘How to Video’ & Buying Guide' videos in the ‘Related Video Shorts’ section.
  •       SAFE & SECURE CONNECTION WITH NO LEAKS – Inflator head designed for ANY size of 'threaded' CO2 cartridges (12g, 16g, 20g & 25g). Rubber EVA Foam sleeve (for 16g cartridges only) included - no frozen fingers when operating. Detailed instructions included. IMPORTANT NOTE: Not compatible with valve extenders. For Presta valves with removable cores, extra care should be taken to tightly screw the core into the valve stem. No CO2 cartridges included, CO2 cartridges sold separately.
  •       SAVE MONEY IN THE LONG TERM, INVEST IN THE BEST - Why spend money on a cheaper CO2 inflator which will inevitably fail when you need it the most! This CO2 inflator is made from superior quality CNC machined aluminum alloy with durable and precise parts, which is BUILT TO LAST, so you can have a safe & enjoyable ride. IMPORTANT: For safety reasons - do NOT screw in and store a CO2 cartridge into the inflator head until needed for operation. Care & respect should be taken when using CO2 gas.
  •      PRO QUALITY – We are so confident about the quality of our products that if you have any product issues, we’re very happy to either provide a Refund or a Replacement! We recommend only using premium quality threaded CO2 cartridges for 'best performance', such as PRO BIKE TOOL’s threaded 16g CO2 cartridges. NOTE: Using low quality CO2 cartridges with potentially poor quality threads and seals can potentially damage the CO2 inflator head and therefore ‘fail’ when most needed!
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    Here's a suggestion of when either tool is most suitable:

    CO2 Inflator: for a race, group ride, gran frondo or timed event.

    Bike Pump: for commuting, bike packing, touring or leisure riding.

    For the ultimate 'fail-safe' solution, how about doing the same as us at PRO BIKE TOOL HQ, we carry BOTH. We mount one of our mini pumps on a bike frame and carry a CO2 inflator with a couple of cartridges in a saddle bag or cycling jersey. We then know we're covered for any eventually, especially for those rides with punctures that tend to come in twos or know the ones!


    Our compact & portable CO2 inflator is a 'design masterpiece' that efficiently & reliably delivers 'fast inflation' when you need it the most, so you can get back quickly to the 'joy of your ride'.

    Our unique lever design which we pioneered, allows the careful regulation of the gas flow. Most CO2 inflators simply dispel all the gas from the CO2 cartridge in one go, which can be dangerous and lead to over-inflated tires. We always recommend 'slowly' releasing the gas into a tire to control potential freezing. Care & respect should always been taken when operating a CO2 inflator due to the high pressure of the CO2 gas.

    To understand how to use our CO2 inflators please check out our 'How to' and 'FAQ' videos in the 'video shorts' section.


    Designed to work with threaded Presta & Schrader tire valve types. Our inflator head uses a clever ‘universal’ head design, which requires no additional attachment. The force of the gas expelled from the inflator head forces the tire valve open.

    For Presta valves with removable cores, extra care should be taken to tightly screw the core into the valve stem so it’s nice and 'snug' - you can either use pliers or a valve core tool to tighten the core. This process is the same when using this type of valve with any type of bike pump or CO2 inflator. Presta valves with 'removable cores' are primarily designed if you use valve extenders or use a tire sealant such as 'slime’. The CO2 inflator is not compatible with valve extenders.


    One important thing to remember with a CO2 inflator is that it’s only a get-home remedy for a puncture. As CO2 gas dissipates through an inner tube over time, you need to re-inflate your tire with air from a pump when you’re back home. As such if you’re touring or bike packing, one of our mini bike pumps is the optimal choice.

    For information on what tire pressure can be achieved dependent on your tire size and the size of CO2 cartridge which you're using, please head over to PRO BIKE TOOL's inflation chart which you'll see on our range of CO2 cartridges. Please note CO2 cartridges are not included with the CO2 inflator and need to be purchased separately.

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